Find an ostomy nurse before surgery

If you are to have an ostomy make sure the surgeon puts you in touch with an ostomy nurse before your surgery. To find a WOCN near you go to the WOCN website.


The Connecticut valley Ostomy (and IBD) Group (COG) Newsletter is for people with an ostomy of any type and/or inflammatory Bowel Disease.

Hints and tips for peri-stomal problems

This short 2 page overview looks at common leakage issues and gives practical advice on how to resolve them.

Travelling with an ostomy

The UOAA have some great travel tips on their site, so please check it out. There is also a travel card that you can use to give to security to save you having to explain about your ostomy. The most simple tips are to take sufficient supplies, from several different boxes. Only put spares in you luggage, pre cut those in your carry on (so you don't have to wrangle about scissors). If going to a hot place put them in an insulated bag. If you ever need a bulking agent like Metamucil take it with you. If you have an ileostomy be sure to take your "how to manage/treat a blockage" card. Take the usual water precautions taking care with water used to wash fresh fruit, veggies and clean your teeth.

Website links

Ostomy travel tips card

YouTube demonstration of the cardboard tube technique

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