Nail, Foot and Leg care

Nail, Foot and Leg care are important aspects of the activities of daily living associated with hygiene. Unless linked to a specific disease/diagnosis, such care from a skilled nurse, is not fully Medicare reimbursable.

Heale Wound Care provides a private service in south-east Vermont. The cost per person is $50, or $37 each for two or more people, $28 for groups of 4 or more. The expected time frame for a visit is 35-60 mins. If traveling distance is excessive there may be a negotiated cost. To book an appointment please email Margaret or call 802-376-8249.

The service includes a regular lower extremity assessment, nail cutting and callus/corn treatments with foot and leg hygiene. Client and caregiver education and training are included.

Aspects of lower extremity care, such as wound care and compression wraps/stockings can also be provided with or without nail care. Specific products, such as dressings, wraps, pads, offloading devices are provided separately as needed. 

A downloadable leaflet will be available here to update people on foot and leg care, with emphasis on the person with diabetes or venous disease.

A link to the diabetic foot care part of the Jocelyn site will be added here.